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Cabin Fever: Like half the country right now.

Over the past frigid week I’ve edited four pages of my YA, cleaned the oven and the guest bedroom, laid shelf paper in the laundry room, sent out agent queries, gained three pounds and shoveled more snow than your typical Siberian suburbanite. Today we rose above zero, then we kept rising.  Kiki and I looked at each other and said, (well, I said) “Let’s get outta here and go for a run.” If a dog could laugh, she did.Image

I decided to drive until my car thermometer hit 23, arriving at one of our favorite trailheads off of Baseline Rd in S. Boulder.  The sun actually came out then.  Every single person I passed on the trail, with or without dog, smiled as if to say, “Cabin fever, too, eh?” Sunlight etched the melted stream as it flowed between banks of emerald ice.  In the distance another flurry cascaded over the flatirons and scattered across Boulder.  But it never came our way.  

My cabin fever broke as I ran through the tunnel beneath S. Boulder Rd. and out toward a snowy pasture, dotted with cattle.  But a foreigner lurked among the cattle, erratic and sneaky.  Wiley Coyote. Ain’t nothin’ worse than a varmint after a week of -17 nights and this guy looked like he wanted hamburgers for dinner.  My chicken Mcnugget and I did a U-turn and ran as fast as we could.  Which isn’t very fast in runner’s world. Thank God Wiley didn’t spot us because, at our pace, he probably could have overtaken us at a trot.

ImageIt’s amazing how, after days of arctic temps and snow–so unusual for Boulder– that the teens look good, actually bring a smile to your face.  And when the temps rise even more, into the 20’s, things come into focus, like sun glitter on snow, and a balmier kinder breeze that maybe, just maybe, hints at spring.


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