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The book store is your friend

Went to my home-away-from-home yesterday–Barnes & Noble– to research for my current w.i.p picture book.  If you don’t do this already, when you’re about to start a first draft, or even in the process of, you need to.  The shelves speak volumes (pun intended) for everything you’re looking for.  Well, almost everything.  I looked for a St. Patrick’s Day or leprechaun book, or something with some of the elements contained in my story–mystery, clue solving, magical.  Nothing.  Though I did discover a few other interesting things which helped me tremendously.  

Which brings me to my main point: the book store is your friend.  I learned there is a new release board book out with the same working title as another manuscript of mine, “Ball.” Now the premise of this book is entirely different, but I will now have to detach myself from my affection for that title: simple, to-the-point, easy to remember. It would have been my first one-word title release.  Oh well.

 I run a critique group and one of the members is currently working on a picture book similar to one I found on the shelves.  It’s different enough, but will help her see what is currently marketable, how that character compares with her own, and the writing style.  I wish I’d found one nugget like that to help with my own story.  But I think I realized I haveImage a niche, since there didn’t seem to be anything like what I’m doing, which is a holiday whodunit series.

And, of course, I always like to see if my books are in stock, and chat with the friendly CRM there.  I feel at home in book stores.  They are my friends.


April 26, 2013 at 11:38 am 3 comments

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