A workshop for children writers at Boulder Book Store

August 16, 2011 at 6:42 am Leave a comment

GhostcoverI held a workshop for budding kid writers, ages 9-12, at Boulder Book Store one summer afternoon.  Though I was a little disappointed that no boys showed (though not shocked), I had a lovely, intelligent group of girls, mostly nine years old, some who brought works-in-progress, some who were just wanted to explore how to write strong openings–especially for mysteries.  They each received a copy of GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK with their registration and I read from the opening pages to give examples of setting the mood for a mystery.  These girls had great questions ranging from

“I often get stuck in the middle of my story.  How do I jumpstart from there?” to

“What do I do when I don’t know how to end my story?”

Questions we adults often struggle with, I tried to provide suggestions like.. “Throw some obstacles in front of your character and ramp up the action.”

I also encouraged the tactic of maybe starting your ending first, rough outlining (though I’m guilty of not employing this and usually writing organically or manically, instead) and making sure all of your mysterious elements are neatly tied up so the reader isn’t left confused or frustrated.

Had a wonderful time with these hopeful and talented authors in-the-making in the charming Boulder Book Store.


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