Ghost Over Boulder Creek wins CIPA EVVY Fiction Award

March 20, 2011 at 7:01 pm Leave a comment

Last night at the CIPA EVVY awards, GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK received a first place award in Juvenile Fiction and a Tech Award in Cover Design.  Sometimes, it takes a little longer for something to blossom.  With a lot of perseverance and determination, a fantastic editor and cover design illustrator (Cathy Morrison), numerous edits and various people helping to groom the manuscript to perfection, ten years can seem like the blink of an older, yet wiser eye.  Like Pinnochio, Run Through Fire’s character has grown before my eyes and become a real boy, and Rebecca a real girl, though both “lived” over 140 years ago.  My ghost “came to life,” as well, a tragic figure who needed Run Through Fire to vindicate him.  And the terrible truth about The Washita River Massacre, almost as terrible as the Sand Creek Massacre, but lesser known, hopefully is brought to light for young readers.

One of the judges had this to say…”Wow. What an incredible book to read.  I cannot imagine the amount of research that went into this story.  I love the historical fact and details, the characters, the integration of the language and the authenticity of the voice.  The language is beautiful– even when describing a chamber pot– how vivid and clear.  It is so well written…I wish you the best of luck with this fabulous book.  I am sure it will be a big success.”


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